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Ph.D. in Public Administration
Ph.D. in Public Administration
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Ph.D. in Public Administration

The Ph.D. in Public Administration is a research degree in public administration. Its focus is on the role of public sector organizations in a democratic and diverse society. The faculty seek applicants who wish to enter the academic job market or to contribute to knowledge development in public administration as a senior practitioner. The faculty admit a small number of applicants each year for the fall semester, with a particular emphasis on admitting full-time students. There are opportunities for financial assistance as graduate assistants and research assistants on grant-sponsored research projects.

The Doctoral Program of Study consists of 90 credit hours. The core research and specialization courses constitute 34 credit hours. Students are required to complete 20 credit hours of dissertation. The doctoral program of study includes 1) four core seminars covering the foundations of public administration, knowledge frameworks in public administration, the environment of public administration and advanced management theory; 2) three research seminars, one in quantitative research methods, one in qualitative research methods, and one in advanced research design; 3) a teaching and professional skills workshop; 4) four additional courses, two each in two of six areas of specializations; and 5) 20 hours of dissertation.

Ph.D. in Public AdministrationThrough a variety of outreach activities, doctoral students have the opportunity to engage in both basic and applied research in six identified areas of specialization.

Living in the Omaha Area

The City of Omaha is part of a thriving metropolitan area of more than 800,000 people. There are many opportunities for affordable housing, including residential housing on the campus. In addition, Omaha offers a world-class zoo and museum of art, as well as an outstanding symphony and a new performing arts center.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Meagan Van Gelder
Academic Program Coordinator
School of Public Administration
University of Nebraska at Omaha
6001 Dodge Street
Omaha, NE 68182-2682
402.554.3480 or 800.858.8658 x2625 (Iowa or Nebraska only)
402.554-2682 (fax)

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